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July 21, 2020 4 min read

We all have habits that we practice daily, but have you ever thought about how these habits contribute to your overall wellbeing? It's important to make sure that the actions we take every day, often without even thinking about them, are ones that will improve our health. Here we'll share 7 healthy habits that are sure to improve your wellbeing!

Healthy Eating Habits

Eating is a necessity in life, so it's important to make sure that we're making mindful choices when it comes to our food and body. Start taking baby steps to improve your eating habits, then slowly move up to get to your end goal. Here are two of our favorite mindful eating tips!

Always Carry a Water Bottle

Carrying a water bottle everywhere you go is the number one way to increase your water intake. Try making goals for yourself, such as to drink one full bottle by mid-day, and another full bottle before you go to bed. You can even set reminders on your phone to drink if you need a little extra help. After doing this for a while, you'll create a habit of drinking water and your body will crave it as well!

Have Healthy Snacks On-Hand

Whether you want to make your own snacks, or find good ones at the grocery store, it's so important to make sure that you have healthy snacks readily available. Always have them in your pantry, carry them in your purse, and even keep them at your work place or school. Having healthy snacks on-hand will prevent last minute and desperate food choices that may not support your health goals!

Healthy Sleep Habits

Getting a good night sleep is the perfect way to start off a mindful and productive day! Setting up a night time routine, as well as making sure you're getting enough sleep, are two very important habits to create. Here are some our favorite ways to set-up a successful bedtime routine!


Stretching nightly has many benefits! Overall, stretching is so good for your body and should be done daily, especially before and after a workout. It also helps the body to wind down and prepare for rest. Stretching before bed is the perfect way to prepare your body for a full night of sleep!

Set an Alarm

It's easy to get carried away watching tv or reading a book and to not start preparing for bed until 11pm! We recommend setting an alarm that'll remind you that it's time to start your nightly routine. Figure out a time to start that'll give you enough time to complete your routine and get into bed to make sure you get a full nights rest! After a while it'll be easier to keep track of time and it'll become a habit.

Fitness Habits

No matter what your daily routines look like, it's important to make sure you get in some type of exercise whether it's something as simple as a walk, or a full on gym session. Here are our tips for creating daily exercise habits!

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Join a Fitness Class

Joining a fitness class is a great way to exercise, meet new people, and form good habits! Spend some time trying out some new classes at your local gym such as zumba, barre, or HIIT. Once you find one you like you can make a habit of attending weekly!

Create an At-Home Workout Routine

Life is busy, so it's not always easy to make it to a class or the gym. In these cases it's super helpful to have an on-hand at home workout routine that you enjoy. Whether this includes yoga, cardio, or simply a nightly walk, start doing this daily until it becomes one of your favorite habits!

Mindful Habits

When we think about a healthy lifestyle, usually the physical aspects of that come to mind, but we should never forget about our mental health! Stay mentally healthy will help to support all of your other fitness and lifestyle goals.

Practice Gratitude & Stay Positive

In order to stay up on our mental health it's important to note what we're grateful for and maintain a positive attitude. We recommend starting a gratitude journal to write in nightly as part of your bed time routine. Write down something good that happens to you each day, as well as 3 things you're grateful for. Over time you'll realize how great this habit can make you feel!

Practicing mindful healthy habits can drastically increase your state of wellbeing! We hope you'll try out some of our ideas. We know that by doing so you will see your quality of life improve. Always remember that as long as you're making a conscious effort to make healthy choices, even just littles ones, you're helping your body and mind to become the best that they can be!